Morning Runs 1

I went for a run this morning, Wednesday, instead of yesterday because we had oodles of rain at 6AM yesterday morning here in South Central PA. The temperature was near perfect at 57 degrees. Coming out of the second mile and looking at the road ahead, this thought came to me. We have family living in Canada which is a 9-10 road trip by car.  And as the end of the trip begins to come into view, the exit, the fields, then the nursery we begin to get excited at the prospect of being with the family soon. For some of you this may be a time when you are going to visit parents or grandparents. And then I thought, you know, this is much of what life is supposed to be about. As we age, and we get closer to our “home coming” with the Lord. When we see signs of the journey coming to an end, we need to learn to be excited about the prospect of being with Him. I love to be in the house of family but how much greater it will be in the house of the Lord. Look up, pay it forward, prepare for your home coming.